Script Submissions

Title Gender Brief Logline Synopsis Evaluate
Man In The Mirror Male

Olisa Uchemba, a pleasant faced bookworm who’s yet to develop a way with women is set out to snatch love and power from his greatest rival on campus with the help of a strange encounter with his image in the mirror.

Olisa, a bookworm is set out to snatch love and power from his greatest rival on campus.


A story of a young teenage boy, who fought fervently for the liberation of his community from violence, brutality, theft, molestation, sexual immorality and oppression of the street thugs.

A Short Film.

Afternoon Jump female

Afternoon Jump is a story about Martin and Akuba, young lovers in 1970s Ghana an frequent attendees of “Afternoon Jumps”: Popular day parties in the 60s and 70s full of young people, good vibes and amazing music.
Martin mysteriously disappears at a jump. Akuba, with her own heavy secrets in tow, goes on a mission to find him.
Along this journey, she discovers that Martin is not only a stranger to her, but could quite possibly be her enemy.

A young man’s disappearance at a party sends his lover on a tailspin to find him revealing a life wrapped in secrecy, lies and revenge.

Frik Female

The story starts in Umugabane High School, where Sekai confesses she has feelings for Keffi. They soon get into a relationship. Sekai develops an interest for a reserved North African who has just joined their high school, Hameed. Soon enough, Keffi finds Sekai talking to Hameed whenever he is walking somewhere else, and starts to become suspicious. Hameed, on the other hand, is getting bullied by the ‘T-Boys’, especially the only female in the gang, Tola. He is frustrated that he had to move away from his home in Tunisia. Sekai, noticing this, shows concern for Hammed and is always trying to help him out. This leads to her icing out Keffi on two different occasions for Hameed.As though his thoughts are not bad enough, Keffi’s friends make him even more suspicious that Hameed is trying to ‘steal his girl’. This leads to Keffi’s grades dropping. During this time, Tola has a phone call with her mother who insists that she cannot be an artist because it is ‘not a profession’. Tola is frustrated. It does not help when Hameed starts confronting her, talking about how ‘spoiled’ she is by her rich parents when in fact, her parents will not even let her chase her dreams. He tells her that she is privileged. Tola, in anger, tells Hameed that he cannot talk about privileges with the color of his skin, and even though he is not ‘white’ by race she is still the one people will point fingers at for crimes because she is black. Hameed tells Tola that although he understands her, they cannot compare how injustice the world is to both of them and pick one over the other. They come to a mutual understanding that injustices cannot be measured. On the other end of the school, after Keffi receives his bad grades, he blames Sekai for this misfortune. He accuses her of having an affair with Hameed, saying he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. She ‘discontinues’ the relationship. Tola, on the other hand, receives feedback from her teacher who expresses admiration for her interdisciplinary nature as a student both inclined to music and academics. Tola is elated. While this is going on, Sekai expresses her frustration to Arinda, her best friend. During this, she realizes she is single and hurriedly indicates that she needs to find Hameed. She sees him passing by, runs after him, turns him arround aggressively and says she needs to tell him something in an urgent manner. Frik ends on this cliffhanger.

Frik is about a bunch of African teenagers who are experiencing ‘life’ in a boarding school. It uses the characters to bring certain social issues to light. Ranging from Keffi and Sekai’s love story, Tola’s experience as a female rich bully, and Hameed’s experience being labelled as ‘white’, it will make you laugh, cry, and question a lot of norms in the African society.


After life insists on being his enemy, an unrecognized talented musician, Oladejo “D8” Samuel, smiles towards death for friendship but his last goodbye phone call that he wants to make to his bestfriend, Geshin, may just be – or may just not be – what Geshin needs for Geshin not to take his own life, too, which is both happening at the same time!

Two friends accidentally finds each other competing in a race for who gets to meet death first.

Mr Male

At a date night in a hotel’s restaurant, a scene was created when the boyfriend insisted that his lady should pay the bill.

At a date night in a hotel’s restaurant, the boyfriend wants to proof that women can take care of their bills.