Shortlisted Scripts

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How to cheat 145.5 Mfon Bassey

King has a great life.
Great girlfriend. Great sister. Great Friends. Great Job. A Good Name.
He has it all- and more: He’s figured out a way to keep the love and respect of everyone while also being a deplorable cheat.
He calls these laws his 4 Rules on How To Cheat and shares them with his friends. Meanwhile, his friend, Tobi has 3 days to find the dastardly individual blackmailing him with nudes. He shouldn’t have sent them in the first place – what with the proposal he’s planning for the love of his life – but he knows this and would do anything to make things right. Anything at all.
He turns to King for help in these trying times because King is the man. He knows how to fix things.
While wrapped up in Tobi’s drama, King comes across a beautiful stranger. Distracted, unhappy, vulnerable, King latches on to her for calm. It’s love at first sight.
And it isn’t long before King is forced to ask just how much he’s willing to risk to get a shot at real love.

Sins Of the Father 133 Mfon Bassey

An EXCLUSIVE PARTY SCENE celebrating the election of the new Governor, hosted by CHIEF TOLANI, aging Chairman of Heritage Estates and group of companies. Luxurious cars pile in amidst heavy security and it is clear that these are the top brass of the town. When we see the Governor’s envoy arrive and the revered Governor bow in respect to his godfather, we understand the power Chief Tolani wields in spite of his deceptive aging appearance.

Our hero, TOPE TOLANI, only heir to chief, soon arrives with his lovely wife, NKIRU, both looking dapper and dressed to kill. As they wait to disembark at the entrance, an uncomfortable Nkiru expresses that she’s not feeling quite well and Tope teases her to confess this has to do with his parents’ usual barbs about not having children yet. Nkiru is glad he gets it and wonders why they have to attend a political party when Tope clearly has no say in the helm of the family business. Tope replies that this is exactly why they ought to be here – prepare for the inevitable; his father is getting old and can only last so long. Both alight and are warmly welcomed by Tope’s mother, Chief Mrs NIKE TOLANI, a stately matriarch whose finger snap is enough to send the waiters scrambling. She gives Nkiru a look over as though expecting to see a miraculous protruding tummy. Nkiru swallows hard.

The house itself is decorated with mysterious looking wooden artwork. A closer look by a curious and fascinated guest such as Nkiru, will reveal a pattern of three distinct wood works that are joined together. We see DR ADEKOYA, chief’s right hand man, brokering alliances and protocols. UCHE NWABUOGU, Tope’s childhood friend is introduced to the Governor as a promising young man who is making smart choices. We subtly plant an inaudible, clandestine conversation with SENATOR DUROJAIYE a pawn in Adekoya’s game. It would appear insignificant now until later when Adekoya is revealed as an opponent and it all makes sense. PROF. TOYIN, late 40’s, is introduced to Nkiru and Tope, amidst other guests as a new professor in the premier university in town. Soon, a fraction of the VVIP guests move discreetly into a secret chamber for a meeting while others seem oblivious to this. The secret chamber is guarded by a bodyguard we will see later. We show Nkiru taking pictures with her bae and posting online.

In the secret chamber, which looks even more mysterious, after a customary cult greeting and incantation, the governor thanks his benefactor, Chief and the members of the cult for their support and pledges loyalty for life. He acknowledges the field support of his fellow politicians, notably, Senator Durojaiye who uses the opportunity to lay down a gauntlet at Chief, to the surprise of others, challenging him to name his successor before it is too late. Chief smiles as though unoffended and promises to do so soon at the lunar moon meeting. Chief reminds Prof Toyin about his delay in delivering his last blood assignment which is unusual. Prof says Isaka’s demand is unusual, difficult and impossible. This was not part of the initial agreement. Chief tells him to beware of disloyalty as there are grave consequences. Prof does not mask his displeasure.
After another chant about keeping secrets, and blood covenants, they all exit the secret chamber but Chief, an unveiled displeasure on his face, has a small inaudible talk with Adekoya, who nods in obeisance. They both look at a retreating Durojaiye with an ominous look. Uche, with an eager, awed look is ushered in to see Chief.
Meanwhile Nkiru needs to use the bathroom and continues to note the strange wooden artworks all over. Dr. Toyin, clearly displeased mistakenly bumps into Nkiru who is looking at an artwork of an insect caught in a wooden web or maze of sorts. She apologises and explains that she was absorbed by the art work. “Fascinating, isn’t it, Professor?” She says. Dr. Toyin gives her a mysterious look in return and replies,” It always looks fascinating from the outside until you are trapped in it.” Nkiru is intrigued but before she can say anything else, he walks away hurriedly, a troubled look on his face.

Nkiru continues her exploration and stumbles into a room with strange objects, she’s about to explore but strangely her mother-in-law (MiL) appears to find her. Nkiru apologises and says she got lost. Her MiL reprimands her for not visiting often and behaving like a stranger. They pass by a picture of late DEJI TOLANI, Chief’s first son who died barely an adolescent. Nkiru stops. She asks her MiL if she still misses him so much on account that the family doesn’t talk about him much, not even Tope. Her MiL seems to be in pain and tells Nkiru she cannot understand until she has borne a child. Nkiru needs no further encouragement to leave as fast as she can, embarrassed.
Uche, a conflicted look on his face as though gobsmacked, in a corner by himself, drinking hard, is found by Tope who is curious about his meeting with Chief. Tope mentions that grapevine has it that Uche is being tipped for Vice President. However, Uche is not as excited as Tope expects or as animated as he was when he first arrived. He soon excuses himself to meet with Dr Adekoya, who takes him to a corner. After an inaudible conversation which has an apparent unsatisfactory end from the looks of it, Adekoya goes over to Chief to whisper in his ears. Chief nods to the bouncers in the direction of Uche, who is back with Tope. In the twinkle of an eye, Uche is unceremoniously bounced out. Tope is bewildered.

Tope walks over to Dr Adekoya, inquiring what went wrong. Dr Adekoya tells him Uche had a questionable commitment to the company and has been laid off based on some evidence of fraud that just came to light. He says Tope is better off without him; Uche is of no use to him now. He then announces that his father is ready to see him.
Tope, Nkiru in tow, has an awkward meeting with his father at the special area reserved for him at the party. We can see there’s no love lost between the two. Tope mentions that his mother told him about Chief’s ailing health, but Chief dismisses it. Tope boasts about a big merger coming up but his father is unimpressed. He alludes to the fact a man who has not fathered a child is not yet a man and Tope should hurry up. He adds with meaning, that Tope owes him that much. We see a guilty look on Tope’s face but we don’t understand what debt Chief is referring to. Chief tells him to get a girl outside pregnant if that is what it takes. I can arrange one if you’re not man enough. Nkiru is embarrassed.

Scene Intent: We meet all the major characters, establish their personalities and individual plotlines. Plant the secret occultic meeting.
Later that night, at TOPE’S RESIDENCE, Nkiru, unhappy that she’s the reason why Chief has no regard for his son. There’s something Tope isn’t saying but he pacifies her. She tries to raise the question about Deji but a reluctant Tope distracts her with lovemaking.
Same night, at Senator Durojaiye’s residence, he dies in his bed mysteriously, his last words – Ah, Adekoya!
Scene intent: Establish a clue about who put up Durojaiye to his foolish end but the audience won’t understand until later.
Same night, Tope has a nightmare. It’s 4am. He mumbles Deji. Nkiru hears and wakes him up. When she mentions this, he denies it and goes off to prepare for the big day – the acquisition. His scar itches as he practices his moves, dressing up. Nkiru serves him some tea, he pops some pill in his mouth. Nkiru frowns and Tope reminds her it’s for the pain. She is bothered that an old scar still flares up occasionally, usually after a visit to his father’s house. She had hoped this new house and environment would give them a new experience. Besides, Tope still hasn’t told her how he got the scar to begin with. Tope deflects her with a kiss – calling her mother hen. They romance but an urgent text message from Mr Adekoya hurries Tope along.
Nkiru goes to the bathroom and carries out a positive pregnancy test. She is thrilled. She calls Tope but he’s driving. She takes pictures of her belly, excited.
Nkiru at her study, a frustrated writer, not quite making progress – she’s waiting for the big break – the story that will change everything. She tries yoga, and ends up taking pictures for social media while at it. Her mother calls to ask how she’s settling in the new house and tells her she’s sharing too much on social media. Nkiru rolls her eye balls. She tells her mum this is the social media age. Her mother tells her that her Pastor is still on stand by to pray over the new accommodation and Nkiru says her mother is too extra. It’s not like they bought or built the house, it’s just a rented apartment. Her mother tells her even a pen should be prayed over.

At the HERITAGE GROUP OF COMPANIES HEAD OFFICE, as COO, Tope arrives and from the way the staff respect him, we can see his importance and power away from his father’s domineering eyes. At DR ADEKOYA’S OFFICE, he is informed that a competing firm is bidding for the same company Heritage is about to acquire. Without hesitating, he chooses to expose dirt on the company in the news in order to discredit them. Mr Adekoya nods approvingly. We establish Mr Adekoya as Tope’s father figure and mentor.

Later that morning, in his PRIVATE REST ROOM, he pops some more pills, wincing as he rubs his temple – an evidence of a headache. Tope goes for the acquisition meeting at THE BOARDROOM. He ties up the acquisition deal neatly. Everyone is impressed.
On his way to Adekoya’s office, he shares the good news with his wife. She tells him they should celebrate over dinner because she has great news as well. In Adekoya’s office, Tope lobbies once more for position of CEO. Adekoya says he knows his father’s position on that but that he will try. He placates Tope and mentions that he understands how the old man can be difficult. Tope appreciates how Dr Adekoya has taken him under his wings since childhood, showing him understanding where his father would not.

Tope is the last to leave the office. Receives a call from friends but when he tries to excuse himself, he is accused of being too soft with his wife, so he lies to his wife and goes to party at an elite club that belongs to the Heritage group. We reveal the materialistic and shallow set of friends Tope has; a reflection of who he is too but he doesn’t see it. They mock Uche’s exit and speculate.Tope arrives home late and apologizes to Nkiru. She postpones telling him about the baby.

Tope at the office next day, receives the bad news that Chief isn’t impressed about the successful merger – that he should have pushed for an outright takeover. Tope says he now knows his father will never forgive him for Deji’s death (he doesn’t give details). Adekoya is sympathetic. Tope says he doesn’t know how he would have coped if Adekoya had not taken him under his wings since childhood. Adekoya gives him a fatherly tap and replies that Tope has always been a son to him. Tope is grateful. He leaves, unhappy, pops more pills in his office and leaves for home, angry at his father.
He discovers Nkiru isn’t home. He calls her but she doesn’t pick up.
Nkiru leaves the HOSPITAL with a smile. She ignores Tope’s call to teach a lesson for her missed calls the previous day and goes straight to his office in order to surprise him, only to hear he’s gone home. She stops by Adekoya’s office and we can see the camaraderie between them – like father to daughter.
Nkiru returns with a confirmatory test. The couple rejoices. Nkiru wants them to wait a bit before sharing with his parents but Tope is eager to use the news as leverage for his promotion and to finally gain his father’s approval.
Chief Tolani is at late Durojaiye’s house, consoling his grieving wife. She is grateful.
At work, the next day, Tope shares news of the pregnancy with Mr Adekoya who sees he’s in a much better mood. Tope says, maybe the old man would give me a break now eh? Adekoya has a cryptic smile we don’t quite understand. “Right in time,” Adekoya says.
Chief receives a call from Adekoya about Nkiru’s pregnancy. Chief chants an eulogy to the wooden god. Adekoya asks if this changes anything. Chief hesitates then replies that all is as it should be.

At the office, the acquisition deal is sealed and Mr. Adekoya shares more good news – Chief is willing to step down and give Tope a chance. He is to meet his father that night at the inner chamber. Tope is thrilled.
Tope shares the good news with his wife.
Tope at an exclusive membership club, ushered into a VVIP section. Dr Adekoya is present. Straight to business, his father lets him know the big seat comes at great price. Tope says he’s willing to do all it takes. Dr Adekoya is instructed to onboard Tope. Tope shares about the pregnancy. Chief is neutral about it. All he says is, “it’s about time.” Tope is a bit deflated about his father’s nonchalance about the news.
Tope moves into the larger, more prestigious CEO office and stares out of the window at the view, with a satisfied smile.
At home, Nkiru’s mom is visiting and cooking for her pregnant daughter when Tope’s mother arrives as well, happy at the news. In her domineering manner, she promises a maid to help. Nkiru’s mum tells her she is available and that’s unnecessary but the matriarch advises she spends her time on better ventures and gives the couple their privacy.
Tope and Nkiru go shopping at a MALL to stock up the new house. Nkiru gets books and stumbles upon an occultic book that has within a scar like Tope’s and secretly buys it. They shop baby things as well and have fun all at the expense of the company – CEO privileges. Tope surprises Nkiru by buying her a car on the spot when they go check out a car depot. Nkiru makes a video and shares on social media.
The new maid arrives and is so efficient. Nkiru shows Tope the book which has drawings similar to the artworks in Chief’s house and they are linked to a cult named Isaka. Nkiru mentions that Dr Adekoya has similar artworks in his house – something is definitely going on. She remembers what Prof said (she cannot remember his name though, she calls him, “that Professor we met at the party.”) There’s also an identical mark to Tope’s scar. Why won’t you talk about it? Tope says it’s just a coincidence. His mark has nothing to do with the occultic. So, what does it have to do with? Nkiru asks? Tope avoids answering. Nkiru is unhappy. Nonetheless, she pretends to be happy while posting her pictures on social media, asking her few followers what topics to write about. She doesn’t get answers. She is disappointed that they simply comment on her expensive hair and designer cloths.
Mr Adekoya welcomes Tope at his new office, who had found himself researching the scar and occultic. Tope asks questions about the membership club requirements. Adekoya is blunt – blood. Tope blinks. You’re kidding me? Adekoya is explicit – the blood of a first child. Tope walks out, angry.
Tope storms over to Chief’s house and confronts him. His suspicions are confirmed. All along, he had believed that killed his elder brother but now he knows Deji was sacrificed by his father. The scar was a punishment by his father for that incident. All the while, he thought his brother’s ghost was haunting him; hence the festering scar. His father says the nightmares have served and will continue to serve their purpose. Tope realises the nightmares are not ordinary as he had suspected. Tope threatens to leave the company. Says he doesn’t want to part of this business anymore but Chief gives a reference to Uche’s wrecked life and asks if he is ready to reject a life of privileges, then it dawns on Tope that Uche was innocent of the fraud charges levelled against him. Chief tells him that Tope’s achievements so far has been orchestrated by the cult. Tope chooses to challenge that claim. Chief laughs at his naivety and tells him that in the real world it’s not always about your ambitions and intelligence, you need supernatural power. He tells his father that he has all it takes to make it without the help of an evil cult. He stumbles into his mother as he leaves. She is silent.
Back home, Tope is furious and cannot eat. He goes out on a stroll and has an eerie sense of someone tailing him but can’t see anyone. He hurries home.
Tope returns home from his jog to shower, he thinks he sees someone draw a strange tree symbol on the steamed up mirror. He is spooked out and cries out, alarming Nkiru who comes running in.

Tope goes to talk to Adekoya the next morning. How can someone he always trusted be part of this? Adekoya says he never agreed with the way Chief used Tope’s mistaken guilt as a torment to manipulate over the years. There is a moral argument between the two men. Tope calls them all murderers. How can they live with themselves? You’re no better than my father, says Tope. Adekoya challenges him to prove he is better then, if he can truly walk away from the prestige and wealth that he didn’t work for. Tope says he is walking away. Adekoya nods, pleased. Tope asks if all the while, Adekoya was just playing second fiddle to Chief and his love was never true. He replies that that is not true. Tope doesn’t know what to believe and goes to his office to parks his stuff.
Tope pops pills. The scar itches bad. He calls Uche and apologizes for not being a faithful friend and doubting him. They reconcile.
On a jog that night, a heavily built guy (he was established at Chief’s party as a bouncer at the door of the inner chamber, whom Tope only saw from a distance but didn’t pay attention to) deliberately stumbles into him and apologises with a mock nod without a word but shows Tope a similar scar. He jogs away before Tope can ask questions. Tope is fearful but cover it. He has terrible nightmares that night.
He doesn’t go to work the next day. Nkiru presses for answers and Tope is forced to explain that he simply has decided to take her advice and pursue that his own career path. Nkiru wonders why since he just got promoted. He simply tells her that the price to pay is too costly. Nkiru is annoyed that he doesn’t respect her enough to share things with her. She mentions his increasing drug reliance as well and says she doesn’t want their child to have a father with drug addiction. Nkiru decides to be more honest and shares deep stuff about issues of life on social media and suddenly begins to get real responses.
Nkiru calls Adekoya, asking for answers. She says she wants to see him. He is reluctant but she mentions that she is curious about an Isaka cult. He suddenly agrees to meet her at his home. Nkiru explains her findings through the internet and book, and mentions the similarity to the artworks in Adekoya and Chief’s houses. Adekoya doesn’t deny or admit it, he simply tells her he’s always admired her smartness and says Tope will need her gift more than ever before. She wonders if Adekoya will speak to Tope about finding a solution to his festering scar. She complains that Tope hasn’t been saying much to her. Adekoya tells her that he can’t tell her much. The secret is an oath. Adekoya laughs and says, it’s obvious the couple are keeping secrets from each other otherwise she would not be here. A home divided will fall. He says he can’t help her any further. Nkiru leaves. However, to her surprise, in her car seat is a phone number with the simple sentence – this may help.
Nkiru gets home and confronts her husband. It turns into a battle of words – ally vs hero. Clash of values. Tope is mad to hear she went to Adekoya but Nkiru says it’s not her fault. He was being too secretive. Tope calms down and shares everything. Nkiru is alarmed. She shares the phone number – (on truecaller, it is registered to Professor Toyin) and her book discoveries. Tope admits that he’s been researching as well. They both agree that they have to find a way to get rid of these attacks for the sake of their baby. Tope doubts Adekoya’s helpful gesture but Nkiru says they should try. Tope says it’s like frying pan to fire. Tope shares his new business idea. Nkiru encourages him. The maid lays the dining table in the background.

Tope at a business meeting, waiting to be called in for a pitch. In the restroom, he’s about to pop his painkillers but remembers Nkiru’s comment rings in his ears about his drug addiction so he pockets it after rubbing his temple for a few minutes and pouring water over his face. He practices well in front of the mirror and walks in confidently, only to stutter through the pitch. Tope is unhappy with himself. In the car, he receives a call from Nkiru with the bad news – the golden card is no longer working as expected but so also is her regular bank account. Tope tries his and discovers it’s the same thing. He grits his teeth and assures her all will be well. We don’t need their money, he boasts, but they have no right to freeze ours.

Next morning, Tope receives devastating news: the company is no longer interested in his proposal. Tope sends out more proposals but is declined. He calls his friends and suddenly no one wants to deal with him. He is no longer useful. Their membership at the clubs has been closed down. No HMO available for Nkiru’s health care. Their bank accounts frozen over fraud allegations. Tope is livid but remembers that his father has incriminating evidence from the office against him, so he can do nothing.
Nkiru offers that her car be sold but Tope is too proud to accept it even though he appreciates that she can let go of it. They are going to ask the maid to leave but she says MIL already paid her parents for a year. Nkiru is grateful. Tope calls Uche for help and Uche helps with some cash in spite of his lack. Tope is touched and more broken, knowing that he wasn’t helpful when Uche was down. Uche shares that he has some business ideas and invites Tope to join him. Tope is unsure of himself and declines the offer of partnership. Nkiru insists on her car being sold. Nkiru shares on social media about true friendship/marriage that will be tested. People share their stories as well.
Nkiru tells Tope that she’s been on phone contact with the man recommended by Adekoya – Prof. He seems genuine. Tope acquiesces.
Nkiru’s mother visits and expects to see Nkiru’s new car. Nkiru finally shares what’s happening. Her mother urges her to be prayerful. She introduces her Pastor to Nkiru immediately.

Nkiru and Tope visit the address given by Prof – a humble bungalow. Haunted-looking, he welcomes them and reveals that he joined Isaka when he was invited by senior colleagues when struggling to get his doctorate degree after being frustrated for years. However, he had gotten far more than he bargained for and was losing the meaning of life. He was a dead man walking for breaking his ties with the cult and was surprised that Adekoya had sent them. In bits and pieces (without unnecessary exposition), Tope and Nkiru find out that Isaka is a fraternal cult which worship a deity they call Oba Asorin, the Wooden King. In Isaka, blood is currency. The lunar eclipse is of particular importance to Isaka, it is a time of coming and going between the spiritual and the phenomenal realm. It is customary for a new leader of the cult to be ordained during such incidences of transformative spiritual significance. Every member of Isaka is endowed with three figurines which are a symbolic indication of their commitment to the cult – a contract of sorts. To break these figurines is an affront to the cult and the penalty for that action is payable in blood. The figurines are usually hidden in ancestral shrine. Inducted members are usually the custodian of their own figurines but Tope’s case was different as a child dedicated to Isaka but not yet inducted. He has to find his own three which bind him to the cult. A difficult but not impossible task. Prof asks if Tope can pay the ultimate price – Tope says anything but blood. Prof smiles cryptically and says to live is to die. Tope wonders what he’s saying.

Tope and Prof travel early the next morning to Tope’s family house in the village, where Prof claims the figurines are usually kept in the ancestral shrine of Oba Asorin. It is a gamble because Chief may have moved them to his new shrine and that would be almost impossible to access. What Prof doesn’t say is that he has received an offer from Adekoya to help Tope in exchange for his life.
Nkiru calls Tope to find out how the journey is going. He mentions that the road is worse than expected. Nkiru tells them to be careful that she will be praying for them. The maid passes by in the background, a look of interest on her face.
At home, Chief is interrogating a rough-handled and tortured cult member who has been discovered to be part of the opposing faction, who tried to attack Chief recently on his way home. Chief tries to hypnotise him to say the truth about the head of the opposition but suddenly the guy convulses and dies. Thereafter, Chief receives a call from the maid. She informs him about Tope’s trip along the said road.
During the journey, Tope comes to respect Prof’s courage for leaving. He seems a man ready to die for his convictions. He believes you can’t truly be a man otherwise. This negates all that Tope has been brought up to believe. Tope also shares his dreams and the fears holding him back.
Nkiru decides to go on a fast. She goes through a pile of boxes, among the things they haven’t unparked and brings out an old, dusty Bible. She begins to pray in her study. The maid keeps coming and going, reminding Nkiru to eat or drink or rest, disturbing her prayers. Nkiru eventually tells her to stay out.
The travellers arrive at the family house, exhausted from the journey. They find just two figurines in the garden shed after searching the whole house. Prof eventually reveals that the ultimate sacrifice is death, even after destroying the three figurines and he himself is a ticking bomb. Tope accuses him of making that choice for him. Prof confesses that he has not been totally truthful with Tope and alludes to the fact there’s more than meets the eye. He admits that he had selfish reasons for coming on this journey but it negates why he left Isaka in the first place. He tells Tope he cannot fight this battle if he’s still selfish and self-preserving. Tope storms away, angry and scared for his life. Tope calls Adekoya and asks why he sent him on this journey to death. Adekoya says he is doomed either ways, so is this not more honourable? He didn’t mean for it to end this way but Chief betrayed his trust. Tope stumbles on Prof murdered, hanging on a tree.
The Chief is sitting by the pool in his backyard when he receives a call confirming that the deed is done. The maid pleads for the life of her son for the sins the father of the boy committed since she has been faithful to keep her end of the deal. Chief simply cuts the call. He then reclines and he flashes back to his ghost – his poverty-stricken background and complacent, perpetually indebted father. A younger chief, had once been taken away by a creditor to slave away in lieu of his father’s debt. He decides he will never be poor and swears his descendants will never know poverty as well, so he joins Isaka and sacrifices his first son. Back to present. He sighs.
Tope rushes to his car and is driving away fast when his mother calls and tells him to swallow his pride, plead his father’s forgiveness and bend. Another call comes in – Nkiru is at the hospital. The stress plus the uncustomary fasting in her first trimester caused her to faint.

Tope arrives at the family hospital and meets Nkiru getting better. Tope asks the doctor if she can leave because they are no longer on the HMO platform. The doctor says the bill has been paid by his father who is present in the hospital. Tope is on guard and almost attacks his father but for the bodyguard. There is a battle of words which ends in a threat and blackmail. The maid had been sharing Tope’s business plans with his father who had been behind the rejections from the companies he’s been applying to. His father shares his past with Tope trying to sway his son over but Tope tells his father that his evil decision is just as bad as Chief’s father’s indecision. His father asks him who shared the secret of the figurines to him since he has not been initiated yet. That is your true enemy, Chief shouts, he was leading you on the path to death. Tope says it is Adekoya and at least he was leading him to a honourable death, not this one of eternal damnation that his own father was leading him to. His father tells him that he has run out of patience playing this game with him. he has just few days to the lunar eclipse – he has to appear for the initiation.
Adekoya and Chief engage in a spiritual battle. We finally reveal Dr Adekoya as Chief’s opponent: Chief betrayed Adekoya whom he had promised to name as successor at this lunar eclipse but Nkiru’s pregnancy changed everything – clearly Chief was only waiting for Tope to take over. Just when Adekoya is about to win, Chief prevails.
Tope is at an apparent defeat. Nkiru is discharged but his nightmares have worsened and he is depressed. He is caught between the devil and the red sea. Nkiru keeps praying for him. She calls Uche who visits to encourage him to fight. Uche shares that he has finally launched a company with great potentials.
Nkiru tells Tope to fight back. She shares Ezekiel 18 with him and says it’s unfair that he should suffer for his father’s sins. Tope wants to read more so she shares with him. He reads, remembers Prof’s words that to live is to die, and other similar charges by him and he is strengthened about what must be done. He doesn’t tell Nkiru what that is. Tope begins to join Nkiru in her prayers.
Nkiru wakes in the middle of the night of the lunar eclipse and finds Tope has gone. Afraid, she calls her mum and asks her to join her in praying. They call the Pastor and pray hard!

Tope arrives at the initiation, Oba Asorin- Awo meta is the password, and reveals that he has decided to die in order to break ties and pay the full price. Chief stops him and chooses to die for his son instead. He realises how blind he has been not to give his son a chance at succeeding his own way. He acknowledges that his son is brilliant and should pursue his own career. He remembers how he fought his father’s way of life and he respects Tope for doing the same. He gives Tope the third figurine and sets him free before sacrificing himself.

Tope and Uche open up a NEW OFFICE. Nkiru is with a 1-year-old baby. She has finished her book titled: To Live is to Die. She reads testimonials online from her readers.


Mr 132.5 Mfon Bassey

After killing her husband in revenge rage, Anwalimobo seeks the help of the deities to transcend time and be reborn. The sole purpose of her second time on earth will be to execute immediate judgment on men folk who prey on, take advantage and defile women.

Afternoon Jump 117.75 Mfon Bassey

Afternoon Jump is a story about Martin and Akuba, young lovers in 1970s Ghana an frequent attendees of “Afternoon Jumps”: Popular day parties in the 60s and 70s full of young people, good vibes and amazing music.
Martin mysteriously disappears at a jump. Akuba, with her own heavy secrets in tow, goes on a mission to find him.
Along this journey, she discovers that Martin is not only a stranger to her, but could quite possibly be her enemy.