Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding the TalentX Africa Film Fund can be found below.

Are my personal details safe?

Yes, all details entered into the SSP are safely kept in a database designed to help us serve you better. Personal details are not seen by Assessors as they assess only the projects.

Are my scripts safe?

Yes, your script is safe as both the Talent and Independent Assessment team (The Screening Council) can only view your scripts on our secure Script Submission platform (SSP) and can neither print, nor download them.

I am not Nigerian, can I still apply?

You, your company or Organization can apply provided you are African and your lead Applicant is above 18 and has residency status in Nigeria.

Can I submit applications for multiple projects?

As long as you provide the assessment board with all requested information and a complete script for each project you wish to submit, you will be able to submit multiple projects for funding consideration.

Is my Intellectual Property secure?

Yes, your script is safe as both the Talent and Independent Assessment team (The Screening Council) can only view your scripts on our secure Script Submission platform (SSP) and can neither print, nor download project information or script copy.

How long is the application portal open for?

The application portal is open from Monday May 17th until Sunday June 13th.

How long will it take before I hear back about my funding application?

Fund recipients will be announced on the 27th August 2021

Do I need to have experience with previous film or TV projects?

Yes, as the lead applicant, you need to have directed or produced at least 3 box office features or commissioned series.

What does the TalentX Africa Film Fund cover?

 The Africa Film Fund is intended to fund the production of already scripted projects that are ready for production. The fund is for the film production, marketing and distribution of the intended project.

Will TalentX pay for the development of my script?

Separate to our Creatives Solidarity Fund to support script development and production for those adversely impacted by COVID-19 in 2020, the TalentX Africa Film Fund Cycle 1 2021 is strictly intended for the Production of projects from scripts that you or your production company have already acquired the rights to.

How is the amount of funding determined?

In this round of the Africa Film Fund 2021, TalentX will provide structured funding up to N40m per selected production, as verified by our in-house line producer. If your proposed production budget exceeds N40m, it is assumed that you or your production company or an additional production partner will be responsible for funding the remainder of the production budget.

Is the Africa Film Fund a grant?

No. The Africa Film Fund 2021 is not a grant but a structured financial investment in your production.

What do you mean by ‘Structured Financial Investment’?

The funding for your project is an investment made on behalf of TalentX. Like any investment the company determines the likelihood of your project yielding a suitable return on the initial investment. The investment is referred to as a structured financing because all disbursements are made in tranches as required and are made directly from the pre-approved budget by TalentX to the confirmed cast, crew and Vendors. TalentX then recoups on its investment from revenue generated by the production via interest charged on the capital amount and an equity stake.

Is TalentX an authorized Lender?

TalentX is duly licensed as a lender by the Lagos State Government.

Will I need to seek legal advice before entering into an agreement with TalentX?

We aim to simplify the terms with which we engage with all creatives. However, we have created robust production financing agreements to protect the interests of both TalentX and yourself as the creative/production company therefore it would be in your best interests to engage a legal representative to advise at the contract stage once your funding offer has been confirmed.

Will Talent Exchange need to be included in in my film credits?

Yes, as Executive Producers, TalentX will be listed accordingly in your projects’ production credits.